17 Posts That Will Make You Feel Old Enough To Retire

It’s fine to get old, but it’s awful to feel old. If you’re on this site there’s a good chance you’re on your second or third decade, you’ve got another 60 or 70 years in you, and there’s absolutely no reason you should feel old yet. But that’s not how it works. Teens that were born after you started browsing the net have already started walking and talking and posting and they have the awful ability to make you feel old without even trying. I need to drink some tea and lie down.

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24 Tweets I Thought Were Really Funny When I Was Drunk Yesterday

Each week I put my potential drinking problem to work for the fine fans of Pleated Jeans, polishing off an entire bottle of wine while scouring Twitter for some dank Tweets. Here is what was funny, at least at the time.


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18 Teachers Who Do Whatever It Takes To Teach You A Lesson

For many of us, school wasn’t a whole lot of fun. One of the few things that made it bearable was that one teacher who really cared. They put 110% into getting through to you, and for that you will remember them forever. Here are some teachers who get an A for effort.

1. They teach an entire 50 minute class dressed as a minion.

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Funny Animals Caught Doing Sexy Poses (17 Pics)

I guess there’s two possibilities: either models based their poses on the way dogs stretch out on the floor, or dogs somehow became aware of the model pose and decided to imitate it. Funny animals are just the cute ones that try to act like humans. What are some not funny animals? Crocodile — too scary. Blind mole rat — also scary. Tarantula — same. None of these count as funny animals, so you won’t see them doing sexy poses in this post. But you will find a radish for some reason. Continue reading →

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