26 People Who Absolutely Belong In Prison

Sure, our prison system is overcrowded as it is, but at the same time, if we just let everyone go around leaving shopping carts wherever the hell they want, can we really say we’re living in a “society.” Yea, that’s what I thought. To that end, I submit we find the following people, give them a trial by jury (because this is still America,) then lock them up for a few years.

1. Airplane passengers who think this is OK.

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17 Tumblr Posts That Are Funny But Will Also Teach You Something For Once In Your Life

You know what they say, you learn something new every day. And I know what you’re thinking; “But I usually spend all day scrolling through Tumblr and stuff, there’s no way I’m actually learning anything you freaking IDIOT!”

Well, first of all, that’s a very aggressive reaction, please calm down. And second of all, you’re wrong! Even when you’re wasting your life away scrolling through memes you can accidentally learn some cool facts about the world you live in. Want proof? Check out these surprisingly educational Tumblr posts!

1. Cough syrup used to be savage.

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26 Dogs Who Live Like You Wish You Could

The phrase “live like a dog” used to mean something totally different. For most of history dogs were in packs, at the edge of society, treated like crap, and fought for every meal and slept uneasily. At some point, however, humans realized dogs are awesome and we decided to house and feed them. All fair and good. But now… we treat them like royalty. Dogs have their own houses. Dogs have their own instagram accounts. Who’s training who?

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21 Of The Dumbest Questions Ever Asked By Kids In Sex Ed

Sex Ed is important, serious, and totally necessary. Without out it many of us would still believe, as I did until age 19, that sex is just jumping up and down on the bed while hooting. Luckily, sex ed is widely available in our public schools and for those who dropped out of school before 6th grade, there’s Yahoo! Answers. Having the dumbest sex ed questions ever immortalized online for all time is perhaps one of the greatest features of modern society.

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9 Pics To Bring Humanity Into The Darkness, And 9 To Bring Them Back Into The Light

People can be selfish, callous, inconsiderate jerks. This is a reminder that when you encounter these people it’s important to remember there are also amazing, generous, thoughtful people in this world, and you should strive to be one of them. If you’re going to be someone, what kind of someone are you going to be?

1. Someone going out of their way to shame people having a hard time.

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